Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FEC202 Feb 7, 2012

MoW giving 25mph slow order to FEC202 as they near Caboose Junction this afternoon.
The ECH is a proud looking papa as he beams from the near window of Heritage714 with Blues441 and 413trailing LHF. Neatly blocked train, rock, IM, racks and only a few freight cars on the bottom. Jim's steady hand drifting the speed below Medium as they head for the gang working the trestle approach. EoT past MP216 at 4:28PM.
Looks good, sounds good - You Boys GO.
53 rock, 30 pigs, 29 racks and 11 dead loads. 123cars for 9077 feet at 10,500 tons.

FEC202 Feb 7, 2012 vid link:

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